Dear player,

Welcome to our webstore. Here you can find tons of awesome ranks, goodies and other stuff. We use your donations to maintain the server and keep it running smoothly and lag-free. Every payment you make helps us do so, and it also opens up some epic perks for you along the way!

So how does this work?

Easy, really, select a package from the webstore, add it to your cart and check out (using Xsolla as payment gateway)! Your purchase is then credited ingame within a few minutes. Since our server supports name changes, all packages you buy will transfer in case you change your Minecraft name.

What if I want a higher rank later on?

No problem! Our webstore will automatically subtract the amount you already paid from the new package. If you purchased the Elder rank, for example, and you decide later on you want to upgrade to Mayor, you'll only have to pay €2.50, since you already paid 2.49 for the Elder rank!

Okay but I have some more questions.

That's totally understandable and that's why were here. Feel free join our Discord server and fire away!

I hope to meet you in game soon! In the meantime, enjoy our facilities and craft on!



Owner of DMM Survival


Payments are handled and secured by Xsolla.

Please note that we are not affiliated with Mojang AB in any way. Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang AB.